AdWords has published guidance on projects and campaigns experiments

Added: 14.01.2017
Google AdWords issued formal guidance on projects and campaigns experiments.
The document provides guidance on how to conduct testing with a higher effectiveness. It includes the following items:

1. Decide on what and how to test
Use campaigns projects and experiments with AdWords.
Focus on the most important levers such as bidding strategy or ad extensions.
Use other methods to test those things that campaigns projects and experiments do not cover.

2. Create the experiments that give clear results
Check one variable at a time.
Develop tests so that you can get statistically significant results as soon as possible.
Select one indicator to succeed in the experiment.
Avoid making changes to campaign during the experiments.

3. Analyze the results and choose the winners
Wait until there is enough data for you to be confident in the results of the experiment.
Check for the presence of outliers from the general level of values in the results of the experiment.
Implement something about what you have learned in the course of testing.
Keep accounting the conducted experiments.
The new guidance is available only in English.
We should remind you that earlier this week, Google AdWords also issued formal guidance on the ads with SMS clicking.