AdWords launches a new Context media network format: now it shows ads with addresses

Added: 03.18.2017
Google AdWords has launched a new format context media network involving ad addresses. This information was reported on the Google+ service page.
From now on when the user is standing near the institution or store, the company's ads can display the following information: exact address, Google Maps route, opening hours and photographs.
The new format is available in the Ad gallery in AdWords. Advertisers can upload up to three images, a logo, as well as add a title and description.
It's important to note that when you create a new media advertising campaign with address extensions, AdWords will automatically include the exact address, working hours, and other information included in the ad. If desired, you can easily disable this feature.
The innovation is intended to help advertisers attract more visitors to their stores and institutions.
For more information about the "Address" extension, please visit the AdWords Help Center.