Direct response advertising expenses on Facebook has increased by 249%

Added: 21.10.2016
In the third quarter 2016 the direct response advertising costs on Facebook has grown by 249% in the annual comparison, which is 26% higher by ROAS. This information comes from a new report released by Nanigans advertising platform.

Online retailers on the platform, continue investing into dynamic advertising on Facebook. The segment investments went up by 16%.

Mobile video advertising sales have increased by 101% in the annual comparison.

One of the main drivers of growth was the empowerment of the Facebook Audience Network advertising network. In the second quarter 2016 Facebook allowed brands to target their ads to users who are not registered in the social network. FAN added a feature that supports new video formats in May.

During the period from the second to the third quarter 2016 the fees for non-Facebook users have increased by 4%. FAN click-through rate has increased by 37%:

Nanigans also recorded a significant decrease in the average CPC, which is equal to $ 0.36 for a click.
In the third quarter 2016 the advertising costs on Facebook through Nanigans platform were equal to $ 600 million. 96% of total expenditure was allocated to unplaced ads in page publications; application installation ads, dynamic advertising and ads with a link to a website.
Nanigans platform is mainly used by advertisers from industries such as Internet commerce and mobile games.

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