Google adds a new feature to the Keyword Planner

Added: 19.10.2016
Google has announced that a new feature should be added to the Keyword Planner. From now on the tool can automatically import keywords directly from the current campaigns and ad groups, and receive the assumptions with regard to them.

Below is a screenshot of the new function:

In order to get a forecast on the traffic and costs for existing keywords, you need to do the following:
• Sign in to your AdWords account and visit the Keyword Planner.
• Click on "Get forecasts for campaigns and keywords in your account."
• Click "Select your account."
• Indicate the forecast: campaigns or keywords.
• If you would like to select multiple campaigns or keywords, select the checkbox to the left of them.
• Click "Finish" button.
• Click "Get forecasts."

More information about the innovation is available on AdWords Help.

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