Google adds new features to Goolge Docs

Added: 21.10.2016
Google Company has announced the new features release for Google Docs. One of the most interesting innovations are the hint responses in Google Forms. From now on when you type in the questions in form the service will automatically suggest suitable answers.

"Since the Form release in 2008 it was given more than a billion questions, which allowed us to identify common patterns. Using the machine learning and neural networks, we are now able to predict the type of question asked and provide the answers. As a result, the form generation time is reduced by 25%, "- says Ryan Weber, the Google product manager Ryan Weber.

Another innovation were the new voice commands used to format documents and navigate through them in Google Docs. The service also includes a new feature called Action Items. From now on when you enter certain types of phrases, it will automatically find people to assign tasks for them.

You can also assign a task manually.

We would like to remind that Google has put all cloud services together: Google for Work, Cloud Platform and others became a single Google Cloud brand.

The company also changed the brand name for Google Aps for Work. The service is now called the G Suite.

Earlier this month, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Calendar and Google Drive cloud storage have added several features, which are running on the basis of machine learning algorithms.

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