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Added: 21.10.2016
Google shared the information concerning the impact that Mobile will have on consumers’ behavior in the upcoming festive season, which is both offline and online.

Below you can find the major trends overview.
You should no longer count on the loyalty to the brand. You should better concentrate upon betting on mobile promotion channels:
• 76% mobile shoppers have changed their opinion about which retailer or product brand is worth buying as soon as they after have run a Google search.
• More than 50% smart phone owners learned about a new company or product by searching on the device.

Mobile traffic visibility affects the offline store:
• 64% mobile shoppers are reaching out to mobile search to gather ideas for shopping before going to the store.
• 76% users looking for products or services on their smart phones, they normally visit the related business during the day. 28% of these search sessions end up with the purchase.

YouTube impacts on buying in both offline and online stores:
• 25% of mobile viewers in the United States reached out on YouTube to get help and decide which product to buy while staying in the offline store or browsing the company’s website.
Time product reviews on YouTube via mobile devices went up by 60% in the annual comparison.

More mobile users started looking for special gifts and not the cheap ones:
• The amount of search queries related to "original gifts" has increased by 60% compared year over year; whereas "really cool gifts" went up by 80%; and “Best gifts" up to 70%.
• The number of requests regarding the cheap or inexpensive gifts has increased by 35% in the annual comparison.

The peak value of the conversion rates were recorded in the "Cyber Monday" during last year’s holiday season:
Google has gave an advice on how to reach today’s buyers.

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