Google files an appeal against the court's decision on FAS

Added: 19.10.2016
The Moscow Arbitration Court has registered Google’s cassation petition against the decision of the court in behalf of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in the case of abuse of dominant position by the operating system (OS) Android. This is reported by TASS, which also provides a reference to the card file of arbitration cases.

The cassation appeal against the decision of Moscow Arbitration Court and the Ninth Arbitration Appeal Court ruling was brought to the first instance on the 18th of October. It will be transferred to the Moscow Area Arbitration Court.

It should be mentioned that Russian Antimonopoly Service (FAS) found Google abusing a monopoly position in the market of mobile applications for devices running the Android operating system and placed it under an obligation to rectify a breach, to be more precise, to stop prohibiting the device manufacturers to preset the third-party services. Google has challenged the FAS decision in the court and lost the case in the first and second instances.

Since Google delayed the compliance deadline, the FAS started the administrative investigation against the company at the end of September 2016. In its turn, Google, seems to have started fulfilling the FAS instructions, and have set notifications to Android users informing them about the possible changes in the device settings, however, as we can see, the company still disagrees the court’s decision.

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