Google is launching Google Surveys 360

Added: 20.10.2016
Google announced major changes to Google Consumer Surveys service functioning. From now on it will be divided into two tools:
Google Surveys 360 – a new version, which is designed for corporate use and is integrated into the Analytics 360 Suite.
Google Surveys – a tool for casual users, before known as Google Consumer Surveys. The service was renamed and moved to Google Analytics.

Google Surveys 360
The main advantage of the new service is the data transmission speed. Using the service companies are able to held a survey, find the right respondents and obtain statistically significant results in only a few days. Usually this process takes a couple of months.
The service covers more than 10 million online respondents. There are over 1 million surveys held weekly. Thus, all types of companies will have an access to new data regarding users’ behavior and their preferences.
Google Surveys 360 is already running and is available within 360 Analytics Suite.

Google Surveys
Google has reported that this tool will undergo a massive redesign and receive several new features in the upcoming months. One of the main innovative features will become a cross-table for any questions:

It should be recalled that Google has introduced a new platform named Google Analytics Suite 360 in March this year. It is a comprehensive set of tools based to work with data and marketing analytics. The service is designed for corporate use.
Originally, the platform included six products: Google Analytics 360, Attribution 360, Tag Manager 360, Google Audience Center 360, Google Optimize 360 and Google Data Studio 360. Now it also conveys Google Surveys 360.

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