Google keeps using Page Layout filter

Added: 03.18.2017
Google still uses the Page Layout filter that was launched back in 2012. This was reported by the search representative, Gary Illyes when responding to a question from one of the webmasters on Twitter.
The Page Layout algorithm analyzes the page template and its content that the user sees immediately after going to the page provided from the search results (the ratio of advertising and actual content).
In order not to get into this filter, you need to make sure that the visible part of the page without scrolling is not overloaded with advertisements, and the user can easily find the original content on the page.
Pessimized websites will be able to go beyond the Page Layout filter during the site's re-scanning, provided that their owners have made appropriate changes to the page template. The re-indexing time will depend on a number of factors. Including, on the number of pages in the resource, as well as the technical quality of the website itself.