Google launches a free online course on contextual advertising

Added: 14.01.2017
Starting from January 30, 2017 a free online course on "Fundamentals of advertising in Google AdWords» will be launched by Google Partners Russia. Training will take place on the basis of educational "Universarium" platform.
The course is designed for those who are not familiar with the advertising service. Students will become come to know the basic tools of the system, learn what are the settings and types of campaigns, and how to manage them according to specific business problems.
Education involves viewing video lectures and tests. The course will last for 3 weeks. After graduation students will be able to pass a basic exam to become a certified Google AdWords specialist.

Course authors:
Ivan Akimov, «ArrowMedia» account director;
Tatiana Noskov, business development manager at Google;
Nadezhda Shukalova, senior business development consultant at Google;
Alexander Yaroshchuk, agency content development director «MediaGuru».