Google My Business makes available new photo statistics

Added: 21.12.2016
Google claimed that the statistics on the images became available in My Business. From now on users will be able to find out how often people are browsing the company's pictures compared to pictures or similar enterprises.
The new "Photos" section shows the total number of images associated with a company and specifies the viewing frequency. By looking at the "View photos" graph you can see how many times Google users looked at the pictures, while the "Number of pictures" graph shows how many images have been uploaded.
This data can be viewed for the last 7, 30 or 90 days. If you move the cursor on a specific date on the schedule, you will see the statistics of the day.
If there are no similar institutions close by, the data for other companies will not be displayed.

A total of 6 sections that are available on the statistics page:
• the way users find your business information;
• in which public services Google users find your business information;
• user actions;
• inquiries driving directions;
• phone calls;
• photographs.

We should remind you that in November, the Google My Business introduced notification settings. But earlier this week the service users were able to add to the page of the menu and price lists for their services. Previously, Google took the data from third-party services.