Google Neural Network beats the strongest players in Go game

Added: 14.01.2017
Google neural network beat the strongest Go players in an informal online tournament, the ancient Chinese board game.
On December 29, 2016 popular playgrounds for Tygem and FoxGo was attended by a player under the nickname Master, who scored 60 wins and never lost for a few days. Among his opponents were listed the best players who have high credibility in the gaming community. One of them was China's first champion.
Google admitted that under the name of Master was actually the latest version of the artificial intelligence system AlphaGo.
AlphaGo Project is the result of a DeepMind startup, acquired by Google in 2014. In spring, 2016 the neural network has played with professional Go player, Lee Se-dol, for the first time and won the match. There were 5 rounds and the artificial intelligence got 3 wins.
According to the CEO of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis, later this year, Google plans to hold official tournaments with the participation of professional Go players and experts.