Google removed 1 million websites for copyright infringement from the index

Added: 02.27.2017
Google has updated us on a report regarding the content removal requests in regard with the copyright infringement.
According to recent data, from July 2012 to February 19, 2017 Google removed from up to 1.01 million pirated sites and 2.14 billion URL-addresses from the search results.
The chart below shows the number of requests for holders on pirated links removal from the search results is constantly growing:
URL removal request can be submitted by the right holder because of the disputed material. Having submitted, the request is then investigated by Google employees.
If the request is accepted by the right owner, the resource provider will get a notification about this in the Search Console.
According to the US law on “Digital Millennium Copyright Act", the webmaster can send Google a counter-notification. In this case, the search officers will review the question of the removal of the disputed content from the search results.