Google suggests not ignoring the links from blogrolls

Added: 20.10.2016
Just after the update release of Google Penguin webmaster more questions regarding the quality links are now brought up. For instance, what is the extent of links accessibility that are placed on the blogrolls. According to the research carried out by John Mueller, they have a right to existence.

Muller was asked about this at his video meeting with webmasters. In particular, is it okay to reject such links or not. Mueller replied:
"I like the second variant. Usually, if these are normal organic links, which have a reference to your content, then they have a right to existence. That's how the Internet works. Users refer to your content. If your students have blogs, and they want to recommend you as a good teacher, then this is a good reference. You do not need to reject it only for the reason that it’s on the blogroll."

They also asked him whether the link can be considered as an artificial if it is placed in the blogroll. For this he said:
"No. I would not worry about where people take a reference from. If these are organic links that are appointed to your website, then it’s okay."

We should remind you that in September Google warned webmasters not to add links to the website into widgets, which are distributed to different resources. Using such a technique for the resource promotion may cause search engine penalties.

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