Google: the ranking boosts are now on all HTTPS-pages

Added: 19.10.2016
A small boost in Google rankings is now getting into all the HTTPS-pages, even if with the protocol errors. This information was revealed by Gary Illyes while being interviewed with Search Engine Land.

According to Gary, Google uses only one signal to provide HTTPS-pages an impulse in the rankings, i.e. the first five characters in the URL. If you see the word “https” in the beginning of the URL-address, the page gets a slight advantage in the search results, he explains.

Hence, the impulse in the rankings can receive the pages with mixed content or those with an invalid security certificate.

Illyes said that Google discussed also the possible addition of other signals, but then decided to abandon it and concentrate upon switching to HTTPS.

At the same time, he outlined that there are many other factors used for page ranking. Using the HTTPS protocol provides only the initial minimal impulse.

It should be mentioned that Google started considering the use of HTTPS on the website as a signal for the ranking in August, 2014. This new feature was intended to slightly boost HTTPS websites for the ranking, as well as to encourage webmasters to transfer to a secure protocol.

In December last year Google has announced that from now on the HTTPS-page version will be indexed by default.

In January 2016 it was said that the search engine provides the advantage of the rankings even for those HTTPS-websites, which were wrongly moved to the secure protocol.

Before Google representatives warned that the mismatching content errors in HTTPS protocol could spoil the ranking.

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