LinkedIn launches the statistical data on the posts

Added: 15.10.2016
LinkedIn announced the launch of statistical data on posts in a mobile application service. The desktop version will introduce this feature a little bit later.
From now on users will be able to see who reads their publications, which public companies and what positions these people have, where they live, etc. The nformation will be displayed when clicking on the diagram icon, placed under each and every entry.
"The collected statistical data will help you understand whether you are able to reach the right audience. With this information, you can also get in touch with people relevant to your industry and make new contacts, ", says the service representative.
It should be recalled that on November 10 the Moscow City Court recognized the legitimate ban of LinkedIn in Russia because of the violation of the law on personal data localization. Then Roskomnadzor Secretary reported that LinkedIn can be banned in the beginning of this week.