360° photograph and video format soon to be applied to “instantaneous articles” on Facebook

Added: 21.10.2016
Facebook has allowed publishers to add 360 degrees pictures and video to "instant articles". BILD and USA Today Network became the release partners.

"We were amazed by all the creative and involving content that publishers and creators have placed on Facebook in this new format" – comments Josh Roberts, company's product manager.

According to his message, the spherical photos and videos perfectly complement the "instant articles." Therefore, the innovation will allow to create a more impressive and "live" content.

Starting on October 20, all publishers will be able to watch photos and video in 360 degrees within the "instant articles".

We should remind you that 360-degree video support appeared was first introduced on Facebook in fall 2015.

This May, the social network has allowed the users to post panoramic 360 degrees photos.

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