The US creates a "potentially invincible" advertising blocker

Added: 23.04.2017
American scientists have developed a tool Perceptual Ad Blocker, which industry experts called "potentially invincible" ad blocker.
The authors of the development are researchers from Priston and Stanford universities. A new tool defines advertising in the same way as people: analyzing content, not code. In particular, the size of the container, it analyzes graphics and the presence of such labels as "Sponsored".
Perceptual Ad Blocker is available as an extension for Chrome browser. In this case, the is not deleting the ad, but only denotes it as "This is an ad".
Existing blocking solutions on the market analyze the source code of the page. However, the websites that fight with adblockers, it's easy to disguise advertising elements. The new tool ignores hidden HTML markup (or tags) and analyzes the actual content - words and images on the page, instead.
Developers tested 50 well-known websites that are struggling with ad blockers, including Facebook. Perceptual Ad Blocker was able to determine the advertising content on all of them without being detected.
According to the developers, at present a new solution is used by several thousand people. They did not specify the exact number.