Yahoo's revenue reached $ 1.31 billion for the third quarter 2016

Added: 19.10.2016
Yahoo Company has announced the financial results for the third quarter 2016. The company’s revenue and profit met the market expectations in the reporting period.

At the end of the third quarter Yahoo's revenue was ranked $ 1.31 billion, whereas the profit was rated at $ 0.17 a share. Wall Street analysts have predicted the revenue to be at $ 1.31 billion with $ 0.14 profit a share.

Mobile sales of the corporation increased by 46% compared to the year-to-year. The search machine has brought the company $ 703 million, compared to $ 516 million in the same period 2015. CPC has increased by 9% while the number of paid clicks went down by 22%.

Mavens sales (mobile and video advertising and social networks ads) went up by 24% in comparison with the year over year and was rated at $ 524 million.

In the fourth quarter 2016 Yahoo expects to get $ 1,36-1,4 billion revenue, which will be $ 5,06-5,1 billion a year.

"I am pleased with the results of the third quarter. We have started several new products and demonstrated good financial performance across the board during this period, "- Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO comments the report.

"We stay confident in the value of our business and the value of Yahoo products provided to the users. We take full responsibility for the safety of our customers and the security of the information they possess. We work hard to preserve their trust and we are inspired by their loyalty ", - she adds.

Having announced the financial report, the trading value of the company’s shares has increased by 1.25% to $ 41.68 a share.

It should be said that the third quarter 2016 was quite difficult for Yahoo. During this period the company has been involved into two scandals. One of them relates to the mass leakage of the users’ data as a result of a hacking attack, the second one refers to the alleged cooperation with the secret services.

Alongside these problems social media has reported that Verizon wants to reduce the purchase price of Yahoo down to $ 1 billion or even back out the deal. According to The Wall Street Journal, at the moment Verizon management expects information about the impact of data leakage that Yahoo had on users.

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